You want your team to take more ownership and be less dependent on you...but you don't know how to make it happen.

Do you feel overwhelmed because you’re always taking care of your team’s problems?

Do you feel like your team is capable of more, but you don’t know how to help them get there?

Do you feel like there’s no time for your work because everyone’s always coming to you to fix things?

Imagine having a more resourceful, empowered team who can tackle their own challenges!

It could look like:

  • Your team tackling challenges without you having to micro-manage.

  • Having more time and energy to take on new challenges and level up your own career development.

  • Your team feeling more confident and fulfilled.

  • Your team being more engaged, connected and collaborative.

What makes Break the Dependence different?

  • It's tailored for accountants and taught by a CPA who is now a professional certified coach.

  • It teaches you coaching skills that empower others to tackle their own challenges.

  • We start with your mindset first, so the skillset is easier to implement.

  • You will immediately implement what you’re learning, so you can start using coaching on the job.

Empower your team to be more resourceful in tackling their challenges!

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to empower your teams and enhance their performance.

  • Help your team come up with their own solutions (instead of having to rely on yours!).

  • Create more ownership and accountability in your team members.

  • Create a more engaged, confident and fulfilled team.

  • Feel more fulfilled through empowering others (instead of rescuing them!).

  • Create some much-needed space for yourself, so you can take on new challenges and further your own career development.

  • Here’s what’s inside:

    6 modules of video content with practical assignments to help you immediately apply what you learn:

    • Chapter 1: Break the Dependence – Understand the problem solver mindset and how it contributes to creating a dependent relationship with your team. 

    • Chapter 2: Other People's Problems – Understand the ways you may be taking on other people's problems without even realizing it.

    • Chapter 3: The Coaching Mindset – Explore what coaching is (and what it's not!), and learn the three aspects of a coaching mindset that will instantly empower others!  

    • Chapter 4: The 3 Levels of Listening – Expand your listening capacity by understanding the 3 levels of listening. 

    • Chapter 5: Empowering Questions – Instead of providing answers to others, break the dependence by learning how to use empowering questions.  

    • Chapter 6: Conclusion - We'll wrap up the learning for you in a simple, practical way. 

    Meet Sarah - your leadership guide!

    Hi, I’m Sarah! I love supporting other people and helping them live more fully into their potential. However, back when I was a practicing CPA, my love of helping people was not always...helpful.

    I found myself taking on other people's problems far too often. Initially, it felt pretty good. People needed me. They relied on me. This made me feel worthy and valuable. However, with time, these good feelings faded. The only time I had to tackle my own work was on nights and weekends. I ended up feeling overworked and unfulfilled.

    In 2014, I became an executive leadership coach so I could help thousands of people around the globe create stronger, better teams using simple coaching techniques. Now, I'm honored to share the power of coaching with you, so you can empower the people around you (without sacrificing yourself in the process)!

    Break the Dependence is PERFECT for you if...

    • You want your team to take more ownership of their work and tackle their own challenges (without you having to hold their hand).

    • You’re committed to helping the people you work with unleash more of their potential.

    • You want to use coaching informally in your day to day work.

    • You’re committed to your own growth as a leader, which means you’re willing to look inward, try new things and reflect on what you’re learning.

    • You’re willing to invest the time and energy required to make this program work for you.

    • This course is NOT for you if:

    • You need Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. (Sorry, we don’t offer them!)

    If you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself and your team to ask yourself these questions:

    • What might be possible for you when you function at a higher, more strategic level?

    • What might be possible for your team when they're less dependent on you and more resourceful in tackling their own challenges?

    • What might be possible for your organization when the people you lead are more engaged, confident and resourceful?

    What people usually ask before signing up for Break the Dependence:

    • I'm already so busy. How can I fit this in?

      We know you're busy! The video lessons are short and sweet (less than 15 minutes each). The real magic happens after you watch the lesson, when you reflect on your learning and complete the related exercises. We suggest pacing yourself at one chapter per week. The good news is, you can practice the exercises in your day to day work, so the additional investment of time is minimal and should pay long-term dividends quickly with consistent practice.

    • I’m afraid of signing up for this and then not having the time or energy required to get the results.

      We understand that accountability can be a challenge for self-paced programs. Why not sign up with a friend for some outside accountability? You could complete the program together and share what you’re learning with one another. If you’re ready for the additional investment, working with a coach can also help you dig deeper and bring another level of accountability and, you’d get additional coaching insights from your coach! (We’d be honored to coach you!)

    • How does Break the Dependence differ from The Coach Development Series?

      Both programs will teach you professional coaching skills. Think of Break the Dependence as a starter course. We'll touch lightly on some simple coaching concepts (mindset, listening and questions) so that you can begin to use them in your day to day work. The Coach Development Series is a more comprehensive program for those who want to dive deeper into coaching and use it more formally for the career development of others.