You know you need to develop new business to advance your career... but you dread the thought of selling.

Do you cringe when someone says you have to be good at business development to advance your career? (You signed up to be an accountant, not a salesperson!)

Do you feel awkward or inauthentic when trying to sell yourself?

Do you feel like you have nothing in common with the rainmakers at your firm?

Do you feel stuck and unsure where to start?


  • Attracting the new business you want without having to “sell."

  • Attracting clients you’re excited to work with and selling work you actually look forward to doing.

  • Feeling confident about who you are and what you have to offer.

  • Creating a business development system that provides you with a great return on your investment.

  • Having fun developing new business!

What makes Business Development: Creating New Possibilities different?

  • It’s tailored for accountants and taught by CPAs who are now professional certified coaches.

  • Coaching exercises help you uncover your unique style and strengths and understand how you can leverage them to develop business more naturally.

  • We give you (optional) guidance on how to add more accountability and support if you want to work with a mentor or accountability partner during and after the program.

  • Instead of asking you to change who you are to sell, we help you uncover who you already are and build success around you.

  • Instead of teaching you sales skills that feel awkward or rote, we help you discover how you can better use the skills you already have.

  • We teach you professional coaching skills that will help you identify and close sales opportunities (without feeling like you’re selling!).

  • We give you a structured process to create a business development plan you can use during and after the program.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand more about who you are - your purpose, strengths and the work you most enjoy - so you can attract people and opportunities that align with your values.

  • Easily identify opportunities to leverage your firm’s resources and cross-sell.

  • Identify and connect with your ideal clients.

  • Identify and close opportunities (without feeling like you’re selling!).

  • Create routines that maximize the return on investment of your time and energy.

  • Create a unique plan that gives you the structure and flexibility to learn as you go and continually maximize results.
  • Here’s what you’re going to get:

    8 modules of video content, including practical coaching assignments to help you apply what you learn during this program and beyond.

    Module 1: Introduction & Overview - Uncover your vision of success, set high-level goals and learn how to best work with a mentor. 

    Module 2: The Inner Game - Identify your strengths and uncover your mindset, belief system and fears around business development. 

    Module 3: Start with Why - Begin to uncover your purpose and understand how to use it in business development.  

    Module 4: What’s Your What? - Uncover what specific services you want to offer and what makes you unique.  

    Module 5: Finding Your Ideal Audience - Identify and connect with your ideal audience. 

    Module 6: The Outer Game - Create a business development plan with specific actions and routines. 

    Module 7: A Coaching Approach to Business Development -Explore how professional coaching skills, such as active listening and powerful questions, can help you identify and close opportunities.  

    Module 8: Living in Possibility - Reflect on what you learned, and create a sustainable plan to continue your growth beyond this program.

    Meet the I2L Coaching Team - your guides to creating new possibilities!

    We each share a common story when it comes to business development...

    As CPAs ourselves, we struggled to develop business in a way that felt authentic to who we are. After all, we signed up to be accountants, not salespeople! Yet, we knew that selling new work was critical to advance and thrive in our careers.

    Afraid of being too salesy, promoting ourselves or getting rejected, we invested in coaching to support ourselves. Once we discovered and leaned into our unique styles and created an intentional, systematic process to support us, we were each able to grow significant new business...and had fun doing it!

    Now, as coaches ourselves, we coach hundreds of accountants to develop business in an easier, more natural way. We’re thrilled to do the same for you!

    Business Development: Creating New Possibilities is PERFECT for you if...

    • You’re a CPA firm leader (e.g., manager, director, partner or owner) who is relatively new to business development and wants to grow new business (including expanding a service line, creating a new niche or selling cross-functionally).

    • You want to uncover your personal brand and sell in a way that feels authentic to you.

    • You’re self-disciplined and willing to invest the time and energy required to make this program work for you for at least 4 months. (Pssst, if you need some help with accountability, we included guidance on how you can work with an accountability partner or mentor.)

    • You’re committed to personal growth. You’re willing to look inward, try new things and reflect on what you’re learning.

    • You want to create a strong foundation now, and you understand you may not close new sales until after the program. (Our focus is on the long term. Results for this program are not intended to be immediate!)

    • This course is NOT for you if:

    • You want a formulaic approach to sales, with sales techniques, tips or tricks.

    • You’re focused on the short-term and expect to close a lot of sales by the time you finish this program. (Although you may close some sales during this program, that is not the primary objective. We want to help you create a powerful foundation and structure that will bring in new business for years to come.)

    • You’re seasoned in business development.

    • You need Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. (Sorry, we don’t offer them!)

    What people usually ask before signing up for Business Development: Creating New Possibilities:

    • I’m already so busy. How can I fit this in?

      We know you’re busy, so we’ve included a suggested timeline to help you pace yourself over 16 weeks. Plus, you receive access to the materials for 6 months, just in case you need the extra time. It takes about 1 hour on average to watch and read each module. Then, you’ll need additional time to apply what you're learning by completing the related coaching exercises. Total time spent will vary, depending on where you are in your journey and how deep you dive into the content. As long as you’re willing to invest at least 2 hours a week throughout the program, you should see tangible results.

    • I’m afraid of signing up for this and then not having the time or energy required to get the results.

      We understand that accountability can be a challenge for self-paced programs. We've provided guidance in case you choose to work with a mentor or accountability partner to enhance your learning and provide you with more accountability. If you can't find a mentor inside or outside your organization, you may consider working with someone else who can support your success, such as a coach (We’d be honored to coach you!) or an accountability partner (e.g., a friend or colleague, inside or outside your organization, who is also focused on developing business).

    • I can’t afford this right now.

      We created this self-paced program using the same content as our one-to-one and group coaching programs to make it affordable and accessible. And, really, can you afford not to? How many opportunities are you missing out on today because you lack the confidence to develop new business? Just think, by closing just one new sale, you’ll make a massive return on your investment.

    What others are saying...

    Helped me close deals and make more authentic connections!

    Aracely Rios, CPA, Assurance Partner at Weaver

    I was surprised to learn so much about myself! I realized I hadn’t been authentic in my sales pitches and instead imitated others who are successful at business development. This helped me tap into my own strengths to bring more authenticity to my relationship building and communications. It also helped me build structure and routine into my work and life, which created the energy I need to succeed in business development. Since I completed my coaching with Intend2Lead, there’s new energy in my business development, and the understanding I gained about helping people has helped me close deals and make more authentic connections.

    I've been able to focus on my strengths to build my personal brand

    John O'Grady, MSA, CVA, Senior Manager in Forensic, Litigation & Valuation Services at EisnerAmper LLP

    This program has really helped me think about and focus on my marketing and networking potential. It's helped me navigate the challenges of feeling pressured to network in a manner that is not conducive to my personality. Instead, I've been able to focus on my strengths to build my personal brand and identify opportunities that I otherwise would not have been able to. On a personal level, I've also been able to apply what I’ve learned about myself and my strengths to my life outside of my career. Overall, I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to build new business.

    Completely shifted my mindset towards business development!

    Herpinder (Pinder) Sihan, CPA, Assurance & Advisory Director at Hood & Strong LLP

    This program completely shifted my mindset towards business development. Instead of dreading it, I now want to do it! It was so valuable to understand my Why, get comfortable with discomfort and create a “living and breathing” business development plan.