Do you struggle to find a balance between your career and your life?

Do you struggle with stress and anxiety?

Do you have a hard time setting and maintaining boundaries?

Do you find yourself putting your career ahead of your own well-being?

Imagine being a healthier leader and human being!

It could look like:

  • You're feeling better on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • You're feeling more in control of your days, your career and your life.

  • You're a more grounded, present and engaged leader.

  • You're modeling a healthier lifestyle for the people you lead.

  • You're living a life you actually enjoy!

Here’s what’s included:

You'll receive on-going support, accountability and connection centered around a specific theme each month:

Tips, tools and tricks to become a healthier leader on every level. On the first of each month, you'll receive a new resource (e.g., a brief video, handout and/or coaching exercise) via e-mail to help you overcome a specific challenge and move you one step closer to becoming the healthier leader you want to be. Refer to our Community Calendar below for the monthly focus areas. 

Expert support of the I2L Coaching Team. Our I2L coaches will host a live, virtual Office Hours session for one hour each month to coach you through the monthly focus area and answer any questions you have.  Refer to our Community Calendar below for the meeting schedule. All sessions are recorded and included in our online learning library. 

Connection with like-minded leaders. During our monthly Office Hours, you'll get to connect with and learn from other leaders in the accounting profession who share your challenges and desire for a healthier career, life and leadership style. You can also connect with your peers anytime through our private, online community in Slack.

On-demand learning. Regardless of when you join, you'll receive access to our online library of focused content designed to help you be a healthier leader. This content includes our monthly resources and Office Hours recordings since inception (July 2022), so you'll never miss out!  

24/7 access. You'll have access to our I2L coaches and your peers through our private, online community in Slack, where you can ask questions, share updates and get help whenever you need it. 

Preferred pricing on all I2L programs. As a member of our community, you'll receive the best available pricing we have to offer on all programs in the I2L Learning Lab. 

Community Calendar and Focus Areas

You'll receive a new resource to guide you through a specific challenge via e-mail on the first day of each month. Then, we'll host a live, virtual Office Hours session later in the month to help you apply what you're learning real-time with the support of your peers and the I2L Coaching Team.

December 2022: Making mindfulness work for you. You've probably heard a lot of buzz around mindfulness and its benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing your presence and focus. If you struggle with the idea of meditation ("I just can't sit still and stop all these thoughts!!"), we'll help you create a unique mindfulness practice that works for you. Live Office Hours session: 2pm Central on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 

I2L Healthy Leaders 2023 Kick-off. Make 2023 the year of YOU. It's easy to lose sight of your health and well-being when you're just trying to keep up with the day-to-day demands of work and life. In order to create the level of success and fulfillment you seek, you need to know what you're working towards. During this virtual, interactive session, Sarah and Brian will guide you through a 5-step process to envision what it means for you to be a healthier leader and human in 2023 and craft a roadmap to make that vision a reality. Live webinar from 1-3:30pm Central on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 

January 2023: Morning routines. We’ll start the new year strong by focusing on the power of a morning routine! We’ll help you create and implement a morning routine that will energize you and set you up for a better day ahead. Live Office Hours session: 2pm Central on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 

February 2023: Enhancing focus. Today’s world is overrun with distractions and noise! We’ll help you identify and limit the distractions, so you can expand your capacity to focus and get more done in less time. Live Office Hours session: 2pm Central on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 

March 2023: Resilience. Challenges, setbacks, and failures are guaranteed components of leadership and life. How you deal with them makes all the difference. We’ll help you create a resilience plan, so you’re prepared to tackle any challenges that lie ahead. Live Office Hours session: 2pm Central on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 

April 2023: Nutrition. Nutrition is a vital and necessary component for overall health and well-being, yet it’s one of the most neglected areas for busy professionals. We’ll help you create a simple nutrition plan to better fuel your body and mind. Live Office Hours session: 2pm Central on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 

May 2023: Gratitude. An attitude of gratitude can shift your entire perspective. It will help you feel more positive emotions, deal with adversity, and build stronger relationships. We’ll help you cultivate a gratitude practice that will shift the way you see the world and the people around you.Live Office Hours session: 2pm Central on Wednesday, May 17, 2023

June 2023: Sleep. Consistent, quality sleep is vital to your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Although it’s one of the most foundational aspects of health, it’s also one of the most neglected for busy professionals. We’ll help you evaluate and upgrade your current sleep practices, so you can level up your leadership presence and performance. Live Office Hours session: 2pm Central on Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Meet your I2L Community Coaches - your guides to becoming a healthier leader!

We've both struggled with burnout during our careers...

As CPAs ourselves, we spent many years thinking that the key to success was working more hours. Time and again, we sacrificed our own needs, relationships and priorities for the sake of our careers. This left us feeling exhausted, overworked and unfulfilled. We weren't able to be fully present for the people and things that mattered most to us.

Receiving coaching was a turning point for both of us. We discovered that the key to becoming the leaders and humans we want to be is not sacrificing our own needs and working longer hours. To be a great leader, we must be a healthy human first. We must take care of our own well-being, so we can show up more fully for the people and priorities that matter. This discovery changed our lives!!

Now, as coaches ourselves, we've combined the practical wisdom we've gathered over the years (from our own experiences and those of hundreds of our clients) to create a powerful community that will provide you the support, accountability and connection you need to become the leader and human being you were meant to be!

What people usually ask before joining the I2L Healthy Leaders Community:

  • I’m already too busy. How can I fit this in?

    We get it. When you're feeling overwhelmed and overcommitted, the last thing you want is to add one more thing to your to-do list!

    We specifically designed this community for leaders who feel that time is a scarce resource, and your investment can be as little as 1.5 hours per month. A simple, quick resource will be delivered to your inbox on the first of each month to help you immediately learn and apply a key concept. You'll also have the opportunity to receive real-time coaching and peer support during our monthly Office Hours sessions (if you're too busy to join us live, we record them). Plus, you'll receive 24/7 access through our online Slack community and on-demand learning library, so you can work through the coaching tips on your own time.

    It's important to realize that the investment of time and energy you make in this community should provide you with an excellent return, ultimately freeing up significant time and energy for you in the long-run (so you won't have to keep saying things like, "I'm too busy!"). This is an investment in you!

  • When is the best time to join the I2L Healthy Leaders Community?

    As coaches, we'll turn this question right back to you. :) When do YOU think the right time to join is? How much longer can you afford to wait to become a healthier leader and human being?

    We officially launched this community on July 1, 2022, so you can now join us anytime. Just jump right in whenever you're ready. Plus, since you'll have access to all the prior months' content in our on-demand learning library (including monthly resources and recordings of past Office Hours sessions), you won't have to miss a thing.

  • How long does this program last?

    Although we provide programming around being a healthy leader (including resources and live Office Hours sessions centered around a monthly theme), this is truly a community, which means it's on-going. There is no end date!

    You can be a member of the I2L Healthy Leaders community as long as you like! We'll continue to provide programming around a new theme each month, so you'll always be learning and practicing something new. As long as you're a member of this community, you'll also have access to all prior programming since inception (July 2022) through our on-demand learning library.

    One of the most powerful aspects of being in this community is the opportunity to connect with and be supported by other leaders in the accounting profession who share the same challenges and goals as you. You'll be surrounded by other accountants who want to be healthier leaders and human beings. Just think of the positive impact we can make on the profession together!

  • Could my team/organization join the I2L Healthy Leaders Community together?

    Yes, we love supporting groups from the same organization in our community! This amplifies the fun, accountability and learning. We offer organizational pricing and on-boarding for groups of 10 or more. E-mail Sarah ([email protected]) for more information.