You know you should be holding more effective feedback conversations, but you don’t know where to start.

You know you should be having feedback conversations more consistently, but you can’t make it happen.

You know feedback conversations are necessary to improve performance , but you dread having them.

You know your team needs feedback to thrive, but you don’t have the time or tools to do it right.

Imagine having feedback conversations where you both feel inspired!

Feedback conversations that...

  • You and your teammates actually look forward to!

  • Result in tangible action plans!

  • Encourage more engagement and leave all parties feeling more confident and fulfilled!

  • Actually improve your relationships!

What makes Inside-Out Feedback different?

  • We flip the traditional model of delivering feedback inside-out!

  • We start with your mindset around feedback, so the skillset is easier to implement.

  • We provide a simple process to shift performance improvement conversations into fun learning opportunities.

  • It’s created by a professional, certified coach who teaches you coaching skills that empower others to take responsibility for their own growth.

This program will help you see and do feedback differently, so you can unleash your team’s potential.

  • Learn how to structure feedback so it’s more consistent and meaningful for everyone involved.

  • Release the pressure you feel about giving feedback by using a coaching approach.

  • Learn specific techniques to make feedback more actionable and effective.

  • Learn how to solicit feedback for yourself that you can actually use.
  • Here’s what’s inside:

    4 modules of video content, including practical assignments and handouts to help you apply what you learn during this program and beyond.

    Chapter 1: Your Feedback Mindset – Create a shift in how you see others (and the feedback process itself) to empower those around you.    

    Chapter 2: Your Feedback Skill Set – Flip the traditional feedback model inside-out to make your feedback conversations easier and more effective. 

    Chapter 3: Soliciting Feedback – Get feedback more easily from others so you can uncover your strengths, improve your performance and maximize your impact on others. 

    Chapter 4: Your Feedback Habits – Discover two techniques to make your feedback more actionable, and create structure to ensure feedback happens consistently for your team.

    Meet Brian Kush - your feedback guide!

    Hi, I’m Brian! I started my career as a CPA who constantly struggled when it came to providing and soliciting feedback. I never used feedback the way I could have – to empower learning and strengthen the relationships with the people around me.

    Once I became a professional coach, I quickly realized how I could transform my feedback conversations by applying a coaching approach. I developed this program because it’s something I wished I had back when I was a CPA!

    I have the privilege of helping thousands of accountants around the world change how they see and do feedback, so they no longer dread it. And, now, I’m thrilled to do the same for you!

    The Inside-Out Feedback Program is PERFECT for you if:

    • You dread feedback - it feels awkward and hard!

    • You know there has to be a better way to do feedback (even if you haven’t found it yet!)

    • You’re committed to developing yourself and the people you work with.

    • You want to transform your working relationships and your team’s performance.

    If you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself and your team to ask yourself these questions:

    • How might your team transform once you’re having meaningful feedback conversations that actually improve performance?

    • What if you actually felt good after holding a feedback conversation?

    • What if changing the way you see and do feedback helps you level up your leadership?

    What people usually ask before signing up for Inside-Out Feedback:

    • I’m already so busy. How can I fit this in?

      We know you’re busy! The video lessons are short and sweet (ranging from 10-20 minutes each). The real magic happens after you watch the lesson, when you reflect on your learning, and complete the related exercises. We suggest pacing yourself at one chapter a week. The good news is, you can practice the exercises in your day to day work, so the additional investment of time is minimal and should pay long-term dividends quickly with consistent practice.

    • I’ve taken feedback training before and haven’t seen any results. How is this different?

      We flip traditional feedback models inside-out by using a coaching approach. Plus, we don’t just teach you feedback skills, we help you shift your mindset around feedback and create the structure and routines you need to create sustainable change.

    • I’m afraid of signing up for this and then not having the time or energy required to get the results.

      We understand that accountability can be a challenge for self-paced programs. Why not sign up with a friend? In addition to providing one another with some accountability, you can share what you're learning with one another.

    • I can’t afford this right now.

      This is an investment in your leadership development and your team’s development. Just think of the massive return on investment that’s possible for all of you when you’re able to provide more meaningful, timely feedback on a consistent basis. Can you really afford not to do this program?

    What others are saying...

    Instrumental in helping our department overcome some inherent issues related to giving and receiving feedback

    Jessica Weissinger, CPA, Audit Principal & Chief Operating Officer at Frazier & Deeter LLC

    Brian and the entire team at Intend2Lead have been instrumental in helping our department overcome some inherent issues, specifically related to giving and receiving feedback. Brian is very engaging, and his calm composure when discussing complicated topics makes everything easily understood. It is very powerful to have real life examples embedded in the series, so people can easily see how it can be applied in their everyday work environment. As a result of going through this feedback series, our people now have a new way to view feedback with an investor mindset, and it’s led to some very important conversations over the last 6 months within our teams.

    New perspective on feedback!

    Mitchell Roshong, APTD, Senior Manager of Educational Products at IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), Manager of IMA’s Leadership Academy and Co-host of IMA’s podcast Count Me In®

    After hearing from Brian, all participants naturally reflected on their own behaviors and raised questions about their own actions when considering the new perspective on feedback he shared. Brian is an outstanding presenter who is obviously passionate about his work. His energy was palpable, and he demonstrated a unique ability to connect with the audience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, Brian!

    Leave his sessions energized to make an impact both personally and professionally!

    Stacey Rodgers, CPA, Director of Learning & Development at Cohen & Company

    In both live and virtual environments, our employees continue to talk about Brian’s energy and passion for the work he does with the accounting profession. We all leave his sessions energized to make an impact both personally and professionally. Most recently, we had the opportunity to learn about the Inside-Out Approach to feedback and used this as a jumping off point to begin creating a culture of coaching at the Firm. As a result of these sessions and Brian’s ability to keep it simple, we are seeing a positive shift in how people perceive and communicate feedback. While the concepts are simple, they are often taken for granted in our fast paced industry and things we all need to be applying as part of our day to day. The tools Brian provides make it easy to do exactly that.